Julian O’Swald aka O’Swald is a Berlin-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He draws on various genres such as jazz, indie soul, indie pop, funk and new wave, combining multi-layered harmonies with both acoustic and electronic sounds to create rhythmic, dreamy soundscapes. As a result, O’Swald has formed his own melancholic yet confident sound. His debut single ›Stop‹ was self-produced in his home studio and released in March 2022. In his lyrics, he deals with growing up, observes everyday life, questions social conventions and focuses on fragile relationships, emotional instability, and the longing for closeness and freedom.

O’Swald receives a grant of 5,000 euros in 2022 for his debut EP ›A New Day‹ and to conduct promotional and marketing activities.

O'Swald (Photo: Elisa Heuser)
O’Swald (Photo: Elisa Heuser)