OKO is a polyphonic pop band made up of Petra Nachtmanova, Moss Beynon-Juckes, and Emma Greenfield. The trio brings together traditional vocal harmonies and new sounds inspired by Bulgarian, Serbian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Laz, Georgian, and Turkish folk songs. They draw out stories that tell of universal experience — stories that unite us and with which we can all identify. Their songs and arrangements connect their own experiences with old stories and tell them from a particularly female perspective, presenting a dialogue between cultures, between old and new, between city and village. In the context of a Europe in which borders are closing and fear of the »other« is increasing, it is their goal to explore folk songs that break through these barriers and bring together people from different backgrounds by speaking to different musical and cultural codes.

For 2018, OKO is receiving a grant in the amount of 5,000 euros to work on a new album.

OKO (Foto: Lilly Depenbrock)
OKO (Photo: Lilly Depenbrock)