Molly Nilsson

Molly Nilsson is a Swedish born artist, producer and songwriter residing in Berlin since 2005. She first started composing in 2007 and made her first live performances in Europe around the same time. In 2008, Nilsson self-released her first album, ›These Things Take Time‹, on CD-R. The next year, she founded her own label Dark Skies Association with which she would continue to publish her work together with UK based record label Night School Records. Nilsson is known for her productive pace in releases, averaging on one album a year, as well as publishing self-directed music videos.
She has performed more than 500 live shows, mainly headlining, in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Asia. Her latest album ›Extreme‹ was released in January 2022 and was followed by headlining tours of Europe and US. The album made number 10 on Fader’s list of Best Albums of the year. The single ›Pompeii‹ was named best new music by NPR.

In 2023, Molly Nilsson is granted the residency at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles, US, which she will take up in 2024.

Portrait of Molly Nilsson in black and white
Molly Nilsson, photo: Graw Böckler