MADANII is a genre-rebel, a barrier-breaking recording artist and creative instigator from Berlin. With an artistic vision rooted in Persian culture and informed by her upbringing as the daughter of political refugees in Germany, MADANII meshes rhythms, languages, politics, shapes and sounds into a neoteric musical and visual tapestry.

MADANII tells an autobiographical story of otherness, un-belonging, and interweaving between cultures, struggles, generational dreams, political absurdities, and female love – all reflected in an unique style that touches on avant-pop, alternative R&B and trap.

Widely known for her interdisciplinary approach, MADANII directs most of her music videos herself, crafting a highly personal audiovisual journey for each of her songs with a clear artistic style and language that has earned her comparisons to the likes of Sevdaliza, FKA Twigs or Rosalía.

MADANII receives a grant of 8,000 euros in 2023.

Portrait of MADANII
Photo: Dena Zarrin