Krake Festival

The Krake Festival for bold electronic dance music has been taking place since 2010 in Berlin. It promotes outstanding young artists and showcases the diversity of Berlin’s subcultures, aiming to support and strengthen independent infrastructures. The festival’s curation not only highlights the diversity of the electronic music scene – it also places a special emphasis on the inclusion of artists with disabilities. The 2023 edition opens at the House of Music with a diverse programme including a film screening, a panel, an open studio and a BBQ, as well as DJ sets and live performances by Choolers Division and Bläck Dävil, among others. At Krake Weekender at ://aboutblank, Pisse, Wellen.Brecher, 21 Downbeat, Radiation 30376, Daniela Huerta and RVDS, among others, perform live.