Khalil Chahine

Khalil Chahine is a Berlin-based engineer and producer who combines musical and scientific knowledge (in physics with a focus on psychoacoustics) in his unique approach to production. Beginning as a keyboard player with a passion for sound, he has accumulated over 15 years of experience in live and studio recording, mixing, mastering, arranging and producing independent and mainstream music. In the studio and live sessions, his main focus is to produce music that fuses influences from different eras. He uses audio engineering techniques as a creative tool to enhance musical ideas without losing sight of the big picture. He has worked with international artists such as Rita Redshoes, The Trouble Notes, Fairouz, Max Herre, Rea Garvey, Ziad Rahbani and 5vor12. His work has already gone platinum in Germany.

For 2019, Khalil Chahine is receiving a grant in the amount of 4,000 euros to to realise the release of his album.

Khalil Chahine (Foto: privat)
Khalil Chahine (Photo: private)