It’s not easy to explain exactly what Kabeaushé does. Let’s just say, Kabeaushé makes the pop of the future. And so much more. For example, Kabeaushé isn’t just doing a concert but rather a show that combines theatre and music, intended to send the audience into a hypnotic dance frenzy. The artist has developed it over the course of months with a creative team from the busy Nyege Nyege label in Kampala. The Kenyan’s musical influences range from Prince to Bollywood to Tyler, the Creator, and the lyrics deal primarily with the sweetness, cuteness and softness of this world. That’s definitely something we want to hear – and see and feel – much more of.

Kabeaushé is awarded the 2022 Co-Creation Residency in Kampala, Uganda and Berlin, Germany, during which they collaborate with jpeg.love from Berlin.

Kabeaushé (Photo: Muhammad Ali Kanch)