Jeannel is a composer, singer and producer. Born into a family of musicians, she received classical cello lessons, absorbing Bach, Brahms and Saint-Saëns from an early age on. As teenager she discovered her love for R&B, danced her way through various pop-cultural genres and finally decided to study jazz. This multidimensional nature is reflected in her compositions, which, grounded in lo-fi and pop structures, navigate the listener through the worlds in partly organic, partly electronic garments. Always anchored in her voice, Jeannel sings through all facets of her pain and strength in a way both fragile and effortless, leading to comparisons with Solange and Lana Del Rey. Driven by questions of suffering and happiness, imbalance and balance, light and shadow, it is softness and openness as well as the obscurity of the intuitive female principle and its radical reclaiming that speak from Jeannel’s lyrics and productions.

For 2020, Jeannel is receiving a grant in the amount of 5,000 euros for the audio and audiovisual production, mixing and mastering and release of her second EP.

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Jeannel (Foto: dascha_ha)
Jeannel (Photo: dascha_ha)