Jeannel is an interdisciplinary artist, producer, singer and cellist. Growing up in a musical household, she received classical cello lessons from age six, and the heavy sacral sound tracks of Bach, Brahms and Beethoven formed her earliest musical experiences. Weary of the dogmatism of the classical music and the difficult daily life at home, she sought spaces for rebellion and liberation from early on, and found them in local urban Techno and R’n’b clubs and the Jugendclub Schauspiel Köln, which she performed and developed pieces with for three years. After finishing Jazz studies at the Music Conservatory her thirst drove her to the US, Argentina, and Colombia where she spent several work stays and the topics around trauma healing, shamanism and femininity crystallised as core themes of her artistic research.

Driven by the questions of balance and imbalance, light and shadow, suffering and happiness, it is radical honesty, vulnerability and the power of the intuitive female principle that she radically claims back, which speak through Jeannel’s lyrics and art.

Feminism, and the need for wholeness and reconnection to her own ancestral roots form the cornerstones, which she fuses into unique art pieces in a musical kaleidoscope of Neo-Classical, Trip Hop and Alt-R’n’b, that elegantly withstands any genre attribution.

For 2020, Jeannel receives a grant in the amount of 5,000 euros for the audio and audiovisual production, mixing and mastering and release of her second EP.

In 2022, Jeannel is granted the residency in Havana, Cuba, which she will take up in 2023.

Jeannel (Foto: Shari Marks)
Jeannel (Foto: Shari Marks)