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ARTtraktiv Berlin Logo

ARTtraktiv Berlin

ARTtraktiv Berlin rents out approximately 200 rooms of various sizes in its two buildings in Berlin-Marzahn to bands and solo musicians of all styles for long-term use.
Berlin Musikschule Schriftzug


The Berlin-Musikschule (›Berlin Music School‹) in Berlin-Charlottenburg provides musicians with around a dozen rehearsal rooms, some of which are specifically designed to meet the needs of bands, for fixed weekly use at a fixed monthly price.
Rockhaus Schriftzug

Berliner Rockhaus

The Berliner Rockhaus in Berlin-Lichtenberg, managed since 2019 by the Gesellschaft für Stadtentwicklung gGmbH with the support of Musicboard, offers 186 rehearsal rooms where around a thousand musicians can rehearse and work around the clock.
Lärm und Lust Schriftzug

Frauenmusikzentrum Lärm und Lust

In order to promote the activities of women in the field of music, the Frauenmusikzentrum Lärm und Lust e. V. in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen offers its members the possibility to use four equipped rehearsal rooms in addition to networking opportunities.
Gaswerksiedlung Logo

Gaswerksiedlung Berlin

The Gaswerksiedlung Berlin in the district of Treptow-Köpenick is a place for creative work of all kinds. In addition to about 70 band rooms, recording studios and artists' studios, the Gaswerksiedlung also houses workshops and rooms for creatives from other disciplines.
Eastend-Berlin Schriftzug

Jugendfreizeiteinrichtung Eastend-Berlin

Eastend-Berlin is a youth leisure centre in Berlin-Hellersdorf with three rehearsal rooms equipped with amplifiers, drum sets and PA systems that can be used by musicians six days a week.
Kultur Räume Berlin Logo

Kultur Räume Berlin

As an alliance of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, real estate service providers and the independent scene, Kultur Räume Berlin regularly offers subsidised work and production spaces for all artistic disciplines.
musik erlaubt Logo

musik erlaubt

n addition to rooms in the old and new spaces of the former transformer station near the Ostkreuz train station, musik erlaubt also houses a number of so-called music boxes. All offers are exclusively for monthly or permanent fixed rent.
Musikbunker Berlin Logo

Musikbunker Berlin

In Teilestraße in Berlin-Tempelhof, Musikbunker Berlin rents out around 40 private music, rehearsal and event rooms to Berlin musicians and bands for long-term use.
ORWOhaus Logo


With around 100 rooms, the ORWOhaus in Berlin-Lichtenberg is probably the largest self-managed rehearsal space complex in Europe. In addition to long-term rehearsal opportunities for around 200 bands, the ORWOteam also offers various music-related services.