Graf Fidi

»It’s normal to be different« – Graf Fidi has built a career out of this message. As a rapper, social worker, and speaker, he devotes himself to the subject of inclusion and fights for the public visibility of people with disabilities. Born with a walking impediment and only six fingers, the rapper and ambassador of inclusion masters his job and his passion: music. Aside from his work as a musician, he takes a stand against discrimination and fights for inclusion and accessibility for all. Fidi has been named an inclusion ambassador of the advocacy group Selbstbestimmt Leben in Deutschland (ISL, Self-determined Living in Germany) of the social organisation Aktion Mensch. He is a popular guest in panel discussions all over Germany about inclusion and breaking down disability barriers.

For 2018, Graf Fidi is receiving a grant in the amount of 7,550 euros for the production of an album and corresponding PR-measures.

Graf Fidi (Foto: Synnøve Duran)
Graf Fidi (Photo: Synnøve Duran)