Referring to his output as »cyberpunk R&B,« London-born singer-songwriter and producer Gozi pushes the boundaries of what can be considered pop music, fusing bright, upbeat melodies with abrasive production, deeply personal lyrics and a super-smooth voice. Emboldened by his experiences as a queer man of colour, Gozi’s music is aimed at queer teenagers: to uplift, support and inspire them, to show them that their experience matters and to provide them representation for building a more inclusive future. Gozi’s current muses are Korean boy bands, Charli XCX’s workflow, deep colours, ASMR, the coming corporation war and his phone.

For 2020, Gozi receives a grant in the amount of 2,000 euros to complete and promote his debut EP.

Gozi (Foto: Charlotte de Bekker)
Gozi (Photo: Charlotte de Bekker)