gölgede-güneşte (Eng.: in sun and shadow), borrowing its name from Eduardo Galeano’s famous book, is a collective musical project of four Berlin-based musicians from Turkey and Japan with diverse musical backgrounds. Besides its many references, the name gölgede-güneşte connotes the newcomers’ emotional swings, expressed in melancholic yet hopeful melodies. The project started in Istanbul with the goal of melting as many (cultural) influences as possible, both musically in the assortment of melodic choices and poetically in the issues that are being discussed in the lyrics. gölgede-güneşte’s songs are written from a point of personal experiences, which revolve around a common struggle and overarching narratives, fitting together like the pieces of different puzzles. Although each piece comes from a different source, the finished product is against all odds in harmony, reflecting the unity in diversity and universality of the human experience.

For 2020, gölgede-güneşte has been granted the domestic residency at ZK/U Berlin.

gölgede-güneşte (Foto: Sevda Hamzacebi)
gölgede-güneşte (Photo: Sevda Hamzacebi)