FERHAT’s EP ›Turkish Delights‹ was planned to be centred on the tensions between eroticism and Islam. However, recent political developments and Istanbul’s current transformation have almost automatically triggered an unexpected turn in FERHAT’s »delicate Turkish affairs« and have shaped the voice of his global pop into a revolutionary one that does not mince matters. Some of the songs were written by the Berlin-based Swiss-Turkish musician in collaboration with the Syrian-born songwriting expert Masen Abou Dakn and the composer and producer Jovanka von Wilsdorf. The result is a set of danceable and bravely unique tracks that prove that a critical approach to violations of press freedom can be combined with quite a bit of delight and playfulness. FERHAT confronts and blends seemingly contrasting worlds – Istanbul, Berlin and Zurich, hedonism and sacred sensuality, Berghain and Islam – and thus makes its very own, personal contribution of »musical mediation«.

For 2020, FERHAT is receiving a grant in the amount of 2,500 euros for a series of promotional activities and showcases connected with the release of ›Turkish Delights.‹

FERHAT (Foto: Cagan Okuyan)
FERHAT (Photo: Cagan Okuyan)