Enyang Ha

Foto: Micki Rosi Richter

Enyang Ha chose sound as her medium through which to communicate with the world. Her music exists as a language, independent from origin, time, or space. Her own adaptions and collisions with different cultures and her extensive training in classical music have opened up multi-dimensional forms of sonic mediations. Her diverse productions and live performances mirror these possibilities of storytelling. The listener is invited into peaceful sounds of nature that then collapse with noise and swelling techno drums. Dissonance on the peak of this journey disappears in the harmony of her voice. Continuous experiments with the possibilities of synthesis technology overcome or even demolish the boundaries of genres. As a live performer and DJ, Enyang is touring Europe and currently working on her second solo EP.

Enyang Ha is the scholarshipholder of the residency in Marseille at A.M.I.