Enyang Ha

Enyang Ha is a Berlin-based Korean electronic music composer and performer. Her approach is based on experimenting with her voice, sampling her body and modular synthesis – a fusion of avant-garde and traditional influences into technoid, experimental, hybrid pop music. Enyang Ha’s musical practice is informed by a desire to transform unusual, unappealing sounds and styles into accessible music. The sounds of her body become drums, abrasive modular sounds are harnessed and turned into enjoyable melodies. While traces of traditional Korean music can be found in her singing, Enyang Ha’s approach is always turned towards the present in order to communicate with an audience. Enyang Ha has released two EPs and has taken part in various split EPs, compilations and remixes. This year sees Enyang Ha releasing an album on System Records and new materials on Infiné, Phantom Limb and Bright Sounds.

In 2018 Enyang Ha was granted a residency at A.M.I. in Marseille.

For 2020, Enyang Ha is receiving a grant in the amount of 2,500 euros for the production and release of her debut album.

Enyang Ha (Foto: Micki Rosi Richter)
Enyang Ha (Photo: Micki Rosi Richter)