Eluize spends her time creating, curating and sharing a spectrum of electronic music to soundtrack the hours. The Adelaide-born, Berlin-based DJ, live act, producer and vocalist has performed for dance floors all over the world. Her sonic leanings span from dubby and spacious, through rave-inspired euphoria, to intense and acidic. Her debut album surfaced on Craigie Knowes in April 2019: ›Confide‹ is a seven-track journey built on a unique blend of Eluize’s voice, drum machines and synthesis, flowing between club hypnotics and melodies that propel you to drift in a lonely cosmic ocean. Eluize’s music can also be found on labels like Lost Palms, Let’s Play House (NYC), Of Paradise and her own imprint Night Tide, established in 2016.

For 2020, Eluize is receiving a grant in the amount of 2,800 euros to expand her musical research at the intersection of interpersonal relations, therapy and beauty in electronic sound.

Eluize (Foto: Tristan Jong)
Eluize (Photo: Tristan Jong)