by Sabrina Weniger

Danube is a Singer and Songwriter called Stella Lindner who originates from the river Danube (ger. Donau). A touch of its haze is observable in her music as well, which she recorded in the Berliner Radiobuellebrueck Studio during the last years. Her songs are sometimes floating bleakly and lazily, sometimes they are sparkling softly and lightly. But nothing is just burbling along. “Somewhere between Kylie Minogue and Massive Attack” she sings “weird Pop-Hits” (Bayrischer Rundfunk). About the essential, the love and the lessons of life. These songs survived discords and times of doubt.

For the first time in four years, Danube is back on stage in March 2018 and together with Filip Pampuch (Drums) and Daniel Moheit (Keyboard), she presents the songs of her upcoming debut album supporting And the Golden Choir.