Christine Börsch-Supan

Christine Börsch-Supan is a Berlin-based singer, composer and performer. Her artistic focus is Hope, a four-piece, avant-garde pop band. Founded in 2014, they toured throughout Europe, released their self-titled debut album in 2017, and collaborated with VJs and filmmakers. Alongside Hope, Christine composes, sings and performs for theatre and dance productions as well as interdisciplinary projects. Among her most recent works are the sound/dance pieces ›Narziss Echo‹ (ImPulsTanz Wien 2017) and ›Narkosis‹ (Open Spaces Berlin 2017) as well as the immersive concert installation ›HOPE+MORITZ MAJCE‹, which premiered at Pop-Kultur 2018 in Berlin.

For 2019, Christine Börsch-Supan has been granted the residency in Havanna, Cuba.

Christine Börsch-Supan (Photo: Michael Lamertz)