Blue Desert

Blue Desert is a form of Berlin Desert Blues: A musical encounter of five people from Agadez, Agadir, Hamburg and Berlin that has been taking place at Kottbusser Tor since 2017. Whilst the band members initially found each other at jam sessions, both the line-up and sound have gradually steadied ever since. Fast, repetitive djembe, drum and percussion rhythms form the base of the band’s sound, with lyrics that negotiate political and genuinely human perspectives of hope, human rights and life in exile. Accompanied by spheric blues melodies and vocals both in Arabic and the Tuareg’s language Tamashek, a calm, sometimes powerful, dreamy atmosphere gets created.

For 2020, Blue Desert is receiving a grant in the amount of 3,000 euros for the production of their first studio album.

Blue Desert (Foto: Ulisa die Kiddo van Brasa)
Blue Desert (Photo: Ulisa die Kiddo van Brasa)