Baal & Mortimer

Since 2014, Alexandra Grübler has been dedicated to the musical exploration of resistance, autonomy and identity with her project Baal & Mortimer, which originated in Düsseldorf. In the summer of 2020, about a year after the release of her debut album ›Deixis‹, the musician issued ›The Torso Tapes‹ comprising eight new pieces. The vocals are orchestrated in several registers, modulating harmonically, ensnaring the other instruments and nestling themselves in the music. Sounds that breathe the grace of folk instruments, horns and bellows, bagpipes and flute, piano, water organ and fiddle – a play of eccentric folk, from a sealed-off future, a 23rd-century Canterbury. Baal & Mortimer is a master of seduction, enchanting listeners, coming up close, dancing around us and dancing with us, embracing us and offering the most beautiful consolation.

For 2020, Baal & Mortimer is receiving a grant in the amount of 2,000 euros to develop and rehearse a live set for her debut album to be released in June 2020.

Baal & Mortimer is awarded one of the two domestic residencies at Sternhagen Gut in the Uckermark region in 2022. During their residency, Baal & Mortimer is supported by mentoring from Gudrun Gut.

Baal & Mortimer (Photo: Clara Borrelli)
Photo: Clara Borrelli