Annual Report 2022

»For me, Musicboard has remained at the forefront in 2022. It’s a stronghold that’s always there for musicians and event organisers. Assisting, supporting, promoting – constantly. All while remaining extremely flexible, adapting to new situations and the subsequent needs that arise.« – Dr. Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and Europe in Berlin

In 2022, people in the music industry were still feeling the effects of the Corona pandemic. At the same time, it has been the first year since the pandemic in which we’ve been able to experience a bit of normal. Specifically, this has meant that events have finally been possible again. With the funding programmes Pop im Kiez, Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, Festivalförderung and Supporttourförderung, the Musicboard has been able to support numerous live projects, once again finally reaching its full potential in terms of involvement.

The Musicboard was also able to support a total of more than 50 talented scholarship holders and residents this year. For the first time, the long-planned, co-creative aspect in the tandem residencies connecting with Accra, Detroit, Kampala and Tel Aviv could be fully implemented, creating space for transcultural encounters and exceptional collaborations. In addition, the Musicboard supported 54 projects, festivals and platforms in the funding progammes Festival Funding, Pop im Kiez and Karrieresprungbrett Berlin, providing a stage for more than 700 acts in 834 individual events.

The Musicboard Berlin Annual Report 2022 provides a complete overview of all supported artists, music projects and festivals in the past year.


Annual Report