Annual Report 2019

»Musicboard Berlin is a promoter, mediator, advisor, facilitator and innovator. One of a kind in Germany, it takes on the task of supporting pop music and pop culture in new and imaginative ways.« – Dr. Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and Europe in Berlin

A large number of national and international artists, musicians and creatives from all fields continue to choose Berlin as a centre of life and work, enriching the already existing, diverse and interdisciplinary cultural scene with new impulses and ideas.

After six years, Musicboard is firmly rooted as an important, low-threshold and solution-oriented point of contact for Berlin’s constantly changing pop cultural music scene and its various needs. It positions itself for the maintaining of Berlin as city of artists, of independent scenes and for an improvement of infrastructures and working conditions for musicians.

Once again in 2019, Musicboard Berlin has stood for content-based music funding to put artists front and centre: 77 fantastic artists have directly benefited through scholarships and eleven international residencies, as well as with tour-support funding; furthermore, 76 music projects and festivals that showcase pop music beyond the mainstream got Musicboard’s support; Pop-Kultur Festival presented itself for the fifth time as a platform for a diverse and inclusive pop culture and Fête de la Musique for the second time under Musicboard’s patronage let Berlin appear in music’s gleam for a day and a night.

The Musicboard Berlin Annual Report provides a complete overview of all supported artists, music projects and festivals in the past year.

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report
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