Allocation of Funding: 4th Quarter Label Funding 2020

For the fourth time in 2020, Musicboard is awarding indirect support for artists by funding independent labels who are planning specific steps to establish newcomer artists based in Berlin. The funding is handed out quarterly and on the recommendation of an independent jury.

The five-member expert jury received 16 applications with a total volume of 53,340.00 euros in the selection procedure of the 4th funding round for the Label Funding program 2020. For the current round of the procedure eight applications were funded and a total funding amount of 27,050.00 euros was awarded. In addition to meeting the formal criteria, the jury also places importance to taking into account the diversity of Berlin’s musical landscape and ensuring gender-equitable funding. The jury consisted of Sarah Farina (DJ, producer), Julia Lorenz (music journalist, author), Pamela Owusu-Brenyah (A&R, founder of AFRO X POP), Elia Rediger (musician, curator of the series ›Aus dem Hinterhalt‹, Deutsche Oper Berlin) and Katja Lucker (Managing Director Musicboard Berlin GmbH) – the same jury that has also been responsible for the Scholarships & Residencies program since the 2020 funding year.

In the fourth quarter of the year 2020, the following labels and artists will receive support by Musicboard Berlin:

Applicant / Label Artist Funding
Max Graef / Tax Free Records Yosa Peit 5.000,00 €
Maral Salmassi / Konsequent Records Kernel Existence 2.000,00 €
Celina Bostic / Lagerfeuer Records Celina Bostic 5.000,00 €
ara / David Letellier Kangding Ray &
Barbie Williams
4.900,00 €
Bert Offermann / Doxa Records Sie Krawall 2.250,00 €
Katarina Piens /
Greates Hits International
Pilocka Krach & The Lost Amigos 3.000,00 €
Sinnbus – Bossenz, Eichhorn, Gruse, Spindler GbR We Will Kaleid 900,00 €
Alexander Dommisch /
Waterfall Records
Wired Ways 4.000,00 €


Pres Release:
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