Allocation of Funding: 2nd Funding Round 2023

In the second funding round of the programmes Karrieresprungbrett Berlin and Pop im Kiez in 2023, Musicboard Berlin is supporting twelve innovative projects with a total volume of 144,715.50 euros. The funded projects range from concert series to conferences, workshops, and festivals.

A total of 106 applications have been submitted, 37 more than in the second funding round in 2022.

In addition, Musicboard Berlin is supporting Tag der Clubkultur, which was launched in 2020 by the Clubcommission, the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, and Musicboard Berlin, for the fourth time with 500,000.00 euros. In 2023, under the motto ›Never Conforming – Ever Evolving‹ it will again recognise the efforts and dedication of Berlin’s club culture.


Karrieresprungbrett Berlin funds projects and platforms – from concert and club series, workshops and talks to interdisciplinary formats – that support up-and-coming artists and other newcomers from the pop music business and help boost their careers on a national or international level. For the programme Karrieresprungbrett Berlin 60 applications were submitted, 29 more than in the second funding round in 2022. The total volume of all applications amounted to 1,097,578.50 euros, with 93,525.50 euros being awarded to eight projects.

Applicant Project TitleFunding
Handiclapped – Kultur Barrierefrei e. V.Fach-Kongress Live-Musik und Inklusion5,000.00 €
soydivision / Ariel William OrahSoy&Synth 202320,665.00 €
SUBVERTED / Thale ReitzSUBVERTED. Electronic Music Production Mentoring Program18,000.00 €
Darius HeimannEchoes of Belonging10,770.50 €
Michaela KattnerFemme*Hain9,090.00 €
SoundSysters e. VSoundSysters Future~10,000.00 €
Mingru Jipen e. V.MENSCHU HI MENSCHU DeutschSintiRomaFestival10,000.00 €
Susanna PavlidisBrand Identity & Social Media Strategien für Newcomer:innen10,000.00 €


The programme Pop im Kiez funds projectswhether pilots, campaigns or a series of initiativesthat increase the acceptance of live music in the pop music domain within a particular neighbourhood in Berlin. It’s a response to the current displacement of subcultural spaces in Berlin and intends to support musicians and their networks that are based in a particular neighbourhood scene. For the programme Pop im Kiez 46 applications were submitted, eight more than in the second funding round 2022. The total volume of all applications amounted to 724,331.59 euros, with 51,190.00 euros being awarded to four projects.

ApplicantProject TitleFunding
Social Inclusion Berlin e. V.Social Inclusion meets Culture14.190,00 €
The Poetry Meets Series / Olajumoke Adeyanju OmongaThe Poetry Meets Series: Live & Direct15.000,00 €
Spreekultur Event- und Gastronomieservice GmbHYAAM Summer Open Airs 202310.000,00 €
Bühnen im Haus der Statistik e. V.Music Programreihe am Haus der Statistik12.000,00 €

In making its selection, the jury once again placed great importance to projects that reflect the social and cultural diversity of Berlin’s music scene. In particular, applications were considered that are dedicated to the promotion of women, non-binary, queer people and BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of colour) as well as those that focus on accessibility and inclusion. Musicboard promotes projects that reflect the diversity of the city, but would not be feasible without financial support.

The jury honored the work of all applicants: »Your projects represent what Berlin is all about: a diverse, independent cultural life with fresh ideas. You swim against the current because you care about neighborhoods off the beaten track, for niches and newcomers. You create open spaces that enable participation and inclusion. Where the city is threatened with losing important cultural venues, you stand up for them.

In the past three years, you have repeatedly shown us new places, new collectives and new perspectives. And we always wanted to support more than the budget allowed. Hang in there, even if you have not received any funding in this round. Think even more about inclusion in your applications. But most of all, thank you for your tireless work.«

The jury consists of the Berlin pop experts Christoph Reimann (radio journalist Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and ByteFM), Dahlia Borsche (musicologist and curator), Esra Karakaya (journalist and video producer), Gregor Hotz (managing director of Musikfonds e.V.), and Judyta Smykowski (journalist Die Neue Norm and taz).

This was the last jury session in this constellation, and the Musicboard would like to thank the departing members of the jury for their valuable and dedicated work over the past three years.

Funded Projects