Allocation of Funding: 1st Funding Round Musicboard Berlin GmbH 2023

Musicboard is pleased to support 30 innovative and diverse projects with a total volume of 556,006.00 euros in the Festival Funding programme as well as the first funding round of Karrieresprungbrett Berlin and Pop im Kiez in 2023. In addition, Musicboard, together with the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, has again decided to support the management of Rockhaus Berlin as well as to co-finance the projects Music Pool Berlin and the Clubcommission´s counselling services and club culture initiatives.

A total of 125 applications have been submitted, 29 more than in the previous application period. In making its selection, the jury once again placed great importance to projects that reflect the social and cultural diversity of Berlin’s music scene. In particular, applications were considered that are dedicated to the promotion of women, non-binary, queer people and BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of colour) as well as those that focus on accessibility and inclusion. It is in the interest of Musicboard to support projects that perform important work in the area of promoting young talent in Berlin and enrich the scene with innovative ideas. Musicboard promotes projects that reflect the diversity of the city, but would not be feasible without financial support.

»Once again, we were impressed by the many exciting, courageous and important project ideas« the jury concludes. »In the selection process, we tried to strike a balance: What is the balance between new and established applicants? Which communities are being addressed? How do we ensure the broadest possible musical diversity? How do we strengthen initiatives for more inclusion? Believe us when we say that the decisions were not easy – unfortunately, the available funds are not nearly enough for all worthy projects. At the same time, we are pleased to be able to support some particularly strong projects. We are already looking forward to the next round of funding and encourage all – new and known applicants – to submit applications. Our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the new year go to the countless, tireless players in Berlin’s music scene, to the House of Representatives and the Senate Department for Culture, and of course to the wonderful team at the Musicboard. Play it loud!«

The projects were recommended for funding by an independent jury responsible for the programmes Festival Funding, Karrieresprungbrett Berlin and Pop im Kiez since 2021. The jury consists of the Berlin pop experts Christoph Reimann (radio journalist Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and ByteFM), Dahlia Borsche (musicologist and curator), Esra Karakaya (journalist and video producer), Gregor Hotz (managing director of Musikfonds e.V.), as well as Judyta Smykowski (journalist Die Neue Norm and taz).


For the programme Karrieresprungbrett Berlin 43 applications were submitted, 17 more than in the previous period. The total volume of all applications amounted to 878,902.69 euros, with 150,801.00 euros being awarded to 11 projects.

Applicant / InstitutionProject TitleFunding
Ran Huber / amSTARtBerlintouch 202322.000,00 €
Dhanesh JayaelanA Song For You – Songwriting + Collaboration workshops20.000,00 €
Berlin School of Sound gemeinnützige Unternehmergesellschaft POP/ SOUNDS POP/ STORIES
17.000,00 €
Ivy Rossiter Éclat Crew Berlin 15.542,00 €
Berlin Music Commission eG musicBwomen* 2023 15.000,00 €
Stephanie von BeauvaisMusikvideo-Workshop 'Shoot it yourself'15.000,00 €
Bohemian Strawberry GbR Ich Brauche Eine Genie – Popkultur, Feminismus, Spaß und so 11.000,00 €
Lilia van Beukering /
Femme Bass Mafia
Femme Bass Mafia 10.260,00 €
Ilgaz YalcinogluKudur10.000,00 €
Killekill UG (haftungsbeschränkt)Ick Mach Welle – Ausbau 10.000,00 €
Diane BarbeCOMMON GROUND 4.999,00 €



For the programme Pop im Kiez 24 applications were submitted.  The total volume of all applications amounted to 542,927.20 euros, with 74,380.00 euros being awarded to five projects.

Applicant / InstitutionProject TitleFunding
ausland / projekt archiv e.V. pop im ausland (pia)20.000,00 €
gART.n - Lundie, Lundie, Metzger, Wockenfuss, Mohr GbrLichtenberg Sounds15.000,00 €
Torhaus Berlin e.V. Resilient Sounds15.000,00 €
Kulturelle Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberschöneweide (KAOS) e.V. 10 Jahre KAOS12.380,00 €
REFORMATIONS-Campus e.V. Alles muss raus! – Für Schaffung und Erhalt kultureller Freiräume in Moabit12.000,00 €



For the programme Festival Funding 58 applications were submitted, 16 more than in the previous application period.  The total volume of all applications amounted to 1,604,929 euros, with 330,825.00 euros being awarded to 14 projects.

Applicant /InstitutionProject TitleFunding
Seyedbehrooz MoosavidogaheTehran Contemporary Sounds Festival 202340.000,00 €
Freak de l'Afrique UG AYO City Festival 35.000,00 €
Talía Vega LeónRadical Sounds Latin America – 5th edition35.000,00 €
Killekill UG (haftungsbeschränkt)Krake Festival inklusiv (Arbeitstitel) 30.000,00 €
Sam Eyvazziaei Future East30.000,00 €
Secret Forest GmbH Inklusionscamp auf dem Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival 202330.000,00 €
Rachel Tashman / YEOJA MagCelestial Festival 202325.000,00 €
Eilis Frawley Bang On Fest20.000,00 €
QueerbergWhoriental20.000,00 €
Ebru DüzgünAlvozay Festival18.000,00 €
Pan Kollektiv e.V.KULTUR & STRASSE 202316.000,00 €
Handiclapped Kultur Barrierefrei e.V.LiMuBi – Live-Musik Berlin inklusiv Ein-Tages-Festival15.000,00 €
Alma Wellner Bou /
Peira GbR
Sisterqueens Festival11.790,00 €
Carolin LeueNIRANIUM5.035,00 €


In addition to the projects recommended by the jury, Musicboard will fund the following projects and institutions in 2023:

Applicant / InstitutionProject NameFundingNote
GSE gGmbHVerwaltung Rockhaus158.063,00 €
Clubcommission Berlin e.V.Clubkultur Funding 202362.500,00 €initially granted until 30 June 2023
all2gethernow e.V.Music Pool Berlin52.462,00 €initially granted until 30 June 2023
Co-financing European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and European Social Fund (ESF)
Clubcommission Berlin e.V.Beratungsangebot Berliner Clubs23-500,00 €initially granted until 30 June 2023
Co-financing European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and European Social Fund (ESF)
Funded Projects