Hani Alsawah aka Aldarwish is a prominent Syrian Arab rapper and producer who has two albums, more than 50 singles, 90 concerts and three battles to his credit. He is known for his lyricism, wordplay and ability to freestyle. Collaborating with various rappers, producers and musicians from a variety of genres has contributed to the diverse range and skills Aldarwish displays in his work. The multi-talented rapper has also worked in theatre as an actor, co-writer and music producer, participated in a television show, written a book and composed the music for several movies. Aldarwish currently lives and works in Berlin, opening the door for new collaborations and experiences.

Aldarwish receives a grant of 4,000 euros in 2022 for the realisation of his third album.

Aldarwish (Photo: Mayyas AbuDakn)
Photo: Mayyas AbuDakn