Ahmed Mahmoud

Growing up in the midst of his parents’ experience of political exile, Ahmed Mahmoud spent part of his life in Palestine before relocating to Germany at the age of 18. Once there, Ahmed Mahmoud hit the streets as a jazz student along with his classmates Soufian, Daniel and Max, crafting a signature blend of folk, swing, singer-songwriter elements and North African influences. Under the name Bukahara, the quartet quickly grew from a street music formation to a headliner at major festivals and international concerts. The band remained true to their virtuosic approach with violin, double bass, guitar, various percussion and trombone. As with Bukahara, the music Ahmed Mahmoud produces solo as a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, is rich in detail and influenced by different musical cultures. His solo debut album is released in winter 2022.

Ahmed Mahmoud receives a grant of 4,000 euros in 2022 for the production of two video clips.

Ahmed Mahmoud (Photo: Tokpa Korlo)
Photo: Tokpa Korlo