Photo: Nickolas Menescal

In their project Æ, Indonesian vocalist and producer Akila and half-Bolivian, half-Danish vocalist and instrumentalist Elias explore the dualities they have been faced with as aliens in both their passport countries and in their home base of Berlin. Struggles with sexuality, gender and post-colonialism are very real in the lives of both members, blooming in their songwriting that connects topics such as Indonesia’s independence and love. In their artistic process, Æ share their inner conflicts and sorrow. With an awareness of each other’s longing, they reveal their creative understanding and pour it into music. For Æ, this process is both inspiring and liberating. As a result, Æ’s music expresses feelings of comfort, solace and support, but also melancholy, in a form that can best be described as electronic pop or alternative R&B.

For 2020, Æ has been granted one of the two domestic residencies at HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts in Dresden.