Ace of Diamonds

Convinced that it’s culture that gives meaning to life, Ace of Diamonds explores the club as the epitome of culture, because music is what ties her to life. Born and raised in Berlin, Ace of Diamonds is part of the artistic collective No Shade, which offers DJ mentoring programs for female, trans and non-binary DJs. Especially through music, she was able to find the necessary allies to cultivate artistic spaces of encounter and solidarity beyond the club to society at large. Since society is still too focused on expressions by the white and male experience, her underlying aim is to review the socio-political imbrication of culture with power. Her engagement is to generate a genuine multi-cultural dialogue by overcoming Eurocentric epistemologies as well as Western, patriarchal and classist institutional paradigms in relation to art and culture. As she finds herself too fast to live and too young to die, the dancefloor gives her the opportunity to settle in a threshold where she switches unknown longings into a savoury reality. That’s why her sets are full of vivid mash-ups, tempo changes and unusual combinations in sound. They take the crowd on an eventful journey, leaving the opportunity open for individual transformation through collective experience, while her slapping beats win every mortal combat.

For 2019, Ace of Diamonds has been granted the residency at Vila Sul in Salvador de Bahia, Brasil.

Ace of Diamonds (Foto: Clarisse Destailleur)
Ace of Diamonds (Photo: Clarisse Destailleur)