A Girl Called Frank

Luisa Kutza aka A Girl Called Frank learned one lesson early on: life can be hard, but it is always beautiful. With a colonel’s daughter for a mother and a Finnish soldier for a father, she grew up with an incessant struggle for creative freedom, despite her parents’ loving relationship. Music became a means to transcend herself and defy the injustices she encountered in her childhood in Russia. After moving to Germany aged five, Luisa Kutza practised tirelessly for her singing and instrumental lessons, shaping her voice into a compass. Her voice guides her through her music, while the discipline that she brings to her art as A Girl Called Frank bestows it with a certain heaviness. Her writing expresses a strong pop sensibility, but beneath the catchy elements, the lyrics convey dark and serious lessons.

A Girl Called Frank receives a grant of 4,000 euros in 2022 for the production of audiovisual content.

A Girl Called Frank (Photo: Kim Kreuz)
Photo: Kim Kreuz