3hd is a multimedia festival which deals with the impact of the internet on music and on our society. It is a driving force and platform for resolute, forward-looking sounds and represents the online underground of Berlin’s contemporary art and music scene. Programmatically, the festival focuses on up-and-coming composers and artists as well as on international cooperation, exchange and artistic networking. Under the theme ›Fluid Wor(l)ds‹, the 3hd Festival was marked by the art of storytelling on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. It dealt with the social and cultural narratives that shape the identity of the festival, its audience and participants. The festival aims to bring together an emerging generation of producers, DJ’s and activists. The musical highlights of the fifth edition included Debby Friday, Catnapp and Laurel Halo.

3hd 2019: Fluid Wor(l)ds Festivalbanner