WESTHAFEN! These are four young Berliners who have made it their mission to deliver an alternative to the monotonous hits of mainstream radio. The result is still open and constantly being refined, sometimes reminiscent of bands from the noughties and mostly distorted, loud, and unpredictable. Their lyrics deal with the ups and downs of being alive – honest and unadorned, yet with a sense of romance. In recent years, Westhafen have already had the opportunity to delight crowds in Berlin clubs big and small, having even climbed the stages of the Taubertal Festival (2019), Southside Festival (2019) and Rocken am Brocken (2022). After releasing their debut ›In Case Of Emergency‹ in October 2022, the quartet is driven to take their conspiratorial spirit further out into the world through their raucous live shows.

Westhafen receive a grant of 5,850 euros in 2023.

the four band members of Westhafen
Photo: Josephine Binder