Born Tania Takoh, T’neeya is an Afro-R&B artist. Her Cameroonian father and German mother provided influences at an early age. Her father’s love of his guitar and her mother’s love for Gospel music planted musical seeds in her. At the age of 13, she started writing music in boarding school in Bamenda. With her school desk among other objects as percussion, she would come up with melodies and rhythms effortlessly and seemingly out of thin air. T’neeya moved to Berlin right after boarding school and enrolled in HTW university where she studied fashion design. Music kept gnawing at her throughout and she eventually succumbed to it, pursuing her dreams after leaving school prematurely, much to her parents’ consternation. Her fusion of several influences from childhood are central to her music. A polyglot, T’neeya is comfortable whether in a small town or in the cosmopolitan enclaves of Berlin. She hopes her music can be the bridge to connect people from vastly different backgrounds.

T’neeya receives a grant of 6,500 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Tneeya
Photo: Larteyley von Hippel