Soy&Synth is an independent event series created by the Berlin-based Indonesian artist collective Soydivision, which has been dedicated to experimental and improvised music practices by emerging BIPOC artists in Berlin since 2018.

In 2022, a three-part series was created in collaboration with L-KW and Midnightshift, inviting artists from Southeast Asia and the South American diaspora to the Heizhaus at Uferstudios, the Morphine Raum and the Berghain Kantine with dialogues and improvised performances. Of key importance to the organisers was to promote the artistic and cultural dialogue in Berlin between these two regions through a multifaceted curated programme. AnaRosa, Connie Mandale, Dea Karina and Tanat Teeradakorn were among the participants.

Soy&Synth 2022