Sleepwalk the Dog

The Berlin based three-piece experimental folk band have been biding their time. Each member has already lived a lifetime, learned life’s hard lessons, written all the bad songs you have to write before the good ones come out. They found each other in 2021 and have spent a year absorbed in writing, rehearsing, recording, and learned to write music that shoots you right in the heart. They have lived together in crumbling buildings, made costumes, built puppets, shot music videos, built worlds out of words and paper. Now they are eager to introduce you to the intricate world they have created together. Their sound is undulating, gentle and experimental, mixing rich jazz-inspired vocal harmonies with soaring melodies and folk storytelling. Their lyrics take you on a dreamy journey through love, grief, forgiveness and joy. Their live shows are a captivating explosion of creativity, colour and theatrical performance. It’s time to sleepwalk the dog.

Sleepwalk the dog receive a grant of 4,500 euros in 2023.

Sleepwalk the Dog (photo: Ivana Kekic)