She Knows

Photo: Daniella Shadrin

She Knows define themselves as more than a mere music act. Always inspired by the creative power of their peers, singer and lyricist Teresa Tomás and producer and lyricist Marcel Dadalto consider She Knows as a dynamic and collaborative project that aims to provide an experimental space for the artists in their diverse international network. Formed out of a four-member band project, She Knows has been a duo since 2018. With Berlin and especially the creative hub of Holzmarkt, the project has found the right place to develop ideas, workflow and sound. In 2019, the Spanish-Brazilian duo released its EP ›Distorted Images‹ on Bar 25 Music, to which Kater Blau resident DJ Sascha Cawa as well as DJ and producer René Bourgeois each contributed a remix. She Knows’ second EP is scheduled for release in 2020. In terms of sound, it will be a collaboration with Brazilian percussionist Cid Travaglia, Argentinean duo Los Cabras and Brazilian producer Gus What, and in terms of visuals, a joint venture with Valencia-based video artist Laura Cuello.

For 2020, She Knows are receiving a grant in the amount of 3,000 euros for the work on ›Natural Medicina‹ as well as the PR measures planned for the release.

For 2020, She Knows have been granted the domestic residency at Sternhagen Gut in the Uckermark District of Brandenburg.

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