Schattenspiel is a three-member formation that combines cello and electronic dance music in a 90-minute audio-visual live experience of light and sound. At the nexus between techno and classical music, dance, dream and the unknown, Schattenspiel enables perceptive experiences that can captivate and inspire as well as surprise and confront. Besides a precise dramaturgy and recognisable tracks, the concept reserves space for improvisation by musicians and light artists. In addition to performances in Berlin’s night clubs Sisyphos and Mensch Meier and Dresden’s Sector Evolution, Schattenspiel performed at Funkhaus Berlin as part of the Detect Classic Festival.

For 2020, Schattenspiel is receiving a grant in the amount of 3,000 euros for the production of an EP and the organisation of a live event.

Schattenspiel (Foto: Moritz Lohmann)
Schattenspiel (Photo: Moritz Lohmann)