Sanni Est

Sanni Est is a music producer, filmmaker, performer, composer, DJ, film actress, curator, project manager and an intersectional trans*feminist, mainly working in Brazil and Germany. Her artistic work and her community-based art and music festival Empower both aim at providing her peers – queer artists of colour, mostly with an immigration background – with a platform to present themselves and their access to the world. Her artistic approach connects biographical narratives with sociological, philosophical and etymological aspects in a cross-media presentation, creating juxtapositions of meanings and expresing an emotional complexity. Her music, in particular, merges tragic darkness and innocent joy through honest, raw vocals and experimental pop-music production. Yet, be it in the form of concert, theatre piece or performance art, Sanni Est offers the viewer an elaborate piece of her intimacy.

For 2020, Sanni Est is receiving a grant in the amount of 5,000 euros to work on her second studio album that will premiere as a three-day virtual-reality exhibition.

Sanni Est (Photo: Christian Gaul)