Pop der Vielen am Allesandersplatz

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, the city’s clubs and music venues have been threatened with closure. Even non-commercial, community-oriented venues like the model project at the Haus der Statistik have not been able to hold events since then. With the aim of spreading confidence and showing new perspectives, the Pop der Vielen event was implemented in the summer of 2021. The main focus was on maintaining and strengthening existing infrastructures and creating a space for the many people contributing to the continued existence of a vibrant location in the centre of Berlin. Presenting live music ranging from the dark folk of Olivia Ma’Cor, to guitar pop by Anton Platzt, to the infectious sound of the West African Café Bamako, to the utopian sing-alongs of the Chor der Statistik, the organising team of raumlaborberlin set off a diverse display of musical fireworks.

The photo shows about 30 people standing in 3 rows, spaced apart in front of the bumper cars at the Haus der Statistik in Berlin-Mitte. The people, seemingly a choir formation, wear clothes in a wide variety of colors and styles.