Oyèmi Noize

Oyèmi Noize is no stranger to the alternative music scene in Germany. Over a decade of shredding in noisy bands and international touring under her belt, she started a journey of creative and personal self-discovery. Accessing parts of her personality as an artist and a human being, brought some very necessary healing with it. Tipping her toes to test the waters she came through with two dancy melancholy singles in 2021 with a mixture of synth pop and acoustic indie, paired with a hip hop drumset.

In 2023, Oyèmi Noize is honoring her musical roots by releasing the acoustic EP ›I Know It Hurts But Trust Me We Will Be Ok‹ with six songs. With the record she explores subjects such as heartbreak, empowerment, mental health, and community. As shown in her previous work, Oyèmi Noize is not shying away from catchiness and melancholy, this time mixed with a breeze of cheekiness and sass.

Oyèmi Noize receives a grant of 7,000 euros in 2023.

Oyèmi Noize, sitting in front of a monument
Photo: Lemmy Fischer