Multimedia artist Hannah Schiefelbein (aka Hannah S. Floss) composes and performs under the moniker Omen. Utilising pop-music elements combined with audio-degradation techniques, she interprets sentiments from the daily grind, romance and dislocation. Excessively slowed down samples, maxed-out effect saturation and feedback loops create far less than the sum of their parts: poised minimal wave. She released the debut Omen album in 2019 on London-based label Outer Reachers: a work of scathing and crooked degeneration that hurls together battered late capitalist synth pop, defective cassette dub, combative scraps of industrial noise and traces of deliriously unsound vocal R&B

For 2020, Omen is receiving a grant in the amount of 4,500 euros to work on a two part surreal soundscape.

Omen (Photo: Isabel O'Toole)
Omen (Photo: Isabel O’Toole)