Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, Noraa took her first serious steps in music after moving to Paris. In search for a wider range of cultural and musical diversity, the German Chadian artist made Paris her new home and created her first songs that would eventually make it on her debut EP ›Mixed Feelings‹ (2019), an emotional five song piece that reflects on relationships and belonging. Somewhere between classic singer-songwriter, pop and R&B, Noraa makes every genre her own by capturing the listener with her silky and soulful voice. Artists such as H.E.R, Lauryn Hill, or Frank Ocean can be named as her all-time favourites and main influences.

After starting her career in France, Noraa eventually came back to Germany and is now based in Berlin. This change of scenery also marks her transition from a Major Label artist to being independent. Noraa’s most recent EP ›Twenty Two‹ is probably her most personal work so far, celebrating her new won freedom, highlighting recent events and thoughts.

Noraa receives a grant of 5,000 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Noraa
Photo: Daniel Krämer