Mushiva is a Berlin-based Namibian street poet, rapper, and technologist. One-third of the award-winning hip hop poetry group Black Vulcanite and professionally trained as a computer scientist (PhD), Mushiva uses these two experiences to access and project Afro-Accelerationist visions, the dangerous idea that suggests that a deep, rapid, and radical adoption of computer technology by African people can counteract the adverse effects of racial capitalism. His latest work, ›Turbo Summation‹, brings these ideas to bear. ›Turbo Summation‹ features a manifesto, a synth-inspired hip hop album, a music film, and a self-made wearable instrument (Mbako) that function as speculative boundary objects meant to blur the lines between reality and the imagined parallel present that runs concurrently in Mushiva’s mind.

Mushiva receives a grant of 4,000 euros in 2023.

Mushiva performing at VILLVILLVEST 2022
Photo: Oystein Haara, VILLVILLVEST2022