Mind:Body:Fitness is an Australian born and Berlin based artist whose distinctly idiosyncratic music has been showcased my CTM, RBMA, Tropical Waste, Creamcake, NTS and more. Born of an almost ill fascination with the economy of efficiency, speculative ethics and technologically mediated consciousness inspire her optimised title and hyperactive skittering rhythms. M:B:F’s drum machine driven music is born of a live performance process, bringing human-computer interaction to the center of icy machine aesthetics. Improvisation is central to her work, which adds tension and unease to immersive and tranqualizing atmospheres. At once visceral and fragile M:B:F’s derailed dance music sits somewhere between the club and a virtual dreamscape. She has recently remixed Aisha Devi (Houndstooth), contributed to Kuedo’s ›Assertion of a Surrounding Presence‹ EP (Knives) and released on Wasabi Tapes. M:B:F is currently developing a record for Berlin/UK label Knives.

For 2016, Mind:Body:Fitness is receiving a grant in the amount of 4,000 euros to enable the development, mixing and delivery of a full length album.

Mind:Body:Fitness (Foto: privat)
Mind:Body:Fitness (Photo: private)