Max Prosa & Sascha Stiehler feat. Kaiser Quartett

It seems that fate is what brought Max Prosa and Sascha Stiehler together. No pianist could accompany Prosa’s lyrics and stories with such virtuosity and yet with the necessary restraint as Stiehler. Listening to them as a unit, you feel constantly reminded of Brecht and Weil, at times of French chansonniers, and occasionally even of Chopin or Schumann setting poetry to music. After all, most of Prosa’s words are so finely crafted that they can be considered poems. Stiehler’s diverse talent is no less impressive – depending on the mood, there can be detours into the pop realm, sometimes with synthesiser or even a beat. Their style of playing provides a colourful mix, a kind of medicine that gives you a boost and leaves you with a taste for more.

Max Prosa and Sascha Stiehler receive a grant of 8,500 euros in 2023.

Max Prosa and Sascha Stiehler, their faces reflected in a round mirror lying on the floor
Photo: Sandra Ludewig