Kudur is a music and performance-focused party series organized by the trans/queer PoC members of the Berlin-based collective with the same name. At Kudur, Middle-Eastern, Balkan, and Mediterranean-flavored house/pop music is served, promoting mainly up-and-coming trans/queer BIPOC musicians. It’s a queer melting pot for all the tastes and flavors of music. The Kudur collective is dedicated to organizing a safer space for celebration, artistic creation, love of music, and unique talents with performances and visual art showcases scattered throughout their events. Kudur creates a space to foster proximity and togetherness, generating solidarity among different trans/queer BIPOC communities in Berlin. In 2023, Kudur celebrates with free admission at Christa Kupfer and Raumerweiterungshalle – with acts like Nefs-i kür, Concentio, Nuur, Göksu Kunak, and Mx. Sür.