JARITA is a drummer, singer, and producer. Percussion is always at the centre of her work, and grooves from Afrobeat and reggae create a tapestry for her storytelling. She sings in her mother tongue, German, and her father’s language, English, and as the daughter of an African-American, she sets out in search of her African roots. Conceptually inspired by Afrofuturism, JARITA researches the past to create the future in the present. She also likes to let the music speak for itself by jamming with her band. In her productions, she mixes organic percussion and drums with electronic basslines and synthesisers, while her choruses create hypnotic harmonies that evoke a sense of hopeful melancholy.

JARITA receives a grant of 5,500 euros in 2023.

Portrait of Jarita
Photo: Idris Kabotwa