Golden Diskó Ship

Golden Diskó Ship is the alias of composer, sound and video artist Theresa Stroetges. As a member of bands such as Soft Grid and the improvisation collective Epiphany Now!, the multi-instrumentalist has always been drawn towards the edges of experimental music, taking folk, rock, techno or pop as a starting point. In her solo project, Theresa Stroetges creates imaginative soundscapes and eclectic collages of both classical and electronic music. In 2020, the musician once again ventured into uncharted territory with her fourth album and first release on the Karaoke Kalk label. ›Araceae‹ uses electronic grooves as the foundation of her poetic storytelling responding to environmental change. The record echoes an eeriness but also beauty of nature, sonically reflecting the double-edged nature of all being: the perfection of the surface and the uncertainties that smoulder beneath.

In 2015, Golden Diskó Ship received a grant in the amount of 4,900 euros.

In 2018, Golden Diskó Ship was granted the residency in New Delhi/Sri Lanka.

In 2021, Golden Diskó Ship is receiving a grant of 4,000 euros for the development of an interdisciplinary live performance.

Golden Diskó Ship (Photo: Sara Perovic)
Golden Diskó Ship (Photo: Sara Perovic)