A guy, a girl, two guitars with lots of reverb, and punchy beats. Fangirls’ sound is an electrifying symbiosis of grunge, garage, and California pop. If there were a soundtrack for a twenty-something’s existential angst and desire in uncertain times, this would be it. This feeling is also transported lyrically—all songs explore the darker corners of the mind, and the middle finger often bursts through the poetic layers. The band’s music and live shows get louder and louder, but the poppiness still glistens through every track. In other words, the riot vibes in the sound and lyrics are wrapped in lace and then dipped in sugar. The duo supported We Are Scientists, played at Kantine am Berghain, and then hid in their rooms to start recording an EP with an hour-long set of new material to choose from.

For 2018, Fangirls are receiving a grant in the amount of 6,000 euros for studio recordings, merchandise, a release on vinyl, a video release and a tour.

Fangirls (Foto: privat)
Fangirls (Photo: private)