Since their arrival in Berlin as a refugee in 2015, escaping war and violence as a queer and trans person in Syria, Enana found hip hop as a means of embodying their true self and embracing their identity beyond expected stereotypes. Enana’s music is a powerful expression of their personal journey of self-discovery and their advocacy for community empowerment and queer emancipation. Their unique artistry evades reductive categories and blends rap, singing, and performance spanning various languages, dialects and musical genres. Enana’s style is the culmination of their musical education in Damascus and Berlin, collaboration with a variety of artists and developed through years of dedication and experimentation.

In addition to their music and performance, Enana is also an outspoken activist and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and marginalised groups, making them a powerful and inspiring voice in both the music industry and the wider world.

Enana receives a grant of 5,000 euros in 2023.

Enana sings to a microphone
Photo: Blue Fleming