Creamcake: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost by the queer-feminist art and sound collective Creamcake brought together a spectrum of experimental, progressive and genre-crossing live acts as well as sound and video installations in the monumental setting of the two old water reservoirs in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Over a period of several weeks in July and August 2021, the series brought together artists, composers and producers such as Terre Thaemlitz, Raphaela Vogel, Gabber Eleganza, TYGAPAW and Jessika Khazrik to explore the acoustic properties of the location as well as the boundaries between music, architecture, performance and visual art. For Paradise Lost, each artist developed their own spatial and sound concepts, inspired by de-subjectivisation and collectivisation – in the midst of the pandemic – as well as apocalyptic moments.

Creamcake: Paradise Lost Grafik